At On The Ball, we offer a variety of occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatments. The occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatments offered at On The Ball are powerful tools for promoting your child's development. Our treatments are used in therapy sessions and help to develop many skills, such as motor, language, sensory play, executive functioning, handwriting and more.

Schedule an appointment at On The Ball today and give your child the powerful tools they need for optimal development. Our occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatments are designed to enhance your child's growth and well-being. Not sure what treatment is right for your child? Reach out to our team.

What does an OT session look like?

Well it depends. Every therapist has different skills and a different approach.

Phone Consultation

Generally, when you have your first appointment, it would be a phone consultation. This gives you and your OT a chance to discuss about your concerns, background information about your child, and to collaborate on what goals to work on.

In-person Appointment

Your first in-person appointment will be an initial assessment. During the initial assessment, your therapist may use standardized or non-standardized assessments to determine where your child is physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and/or mentally. As well, depending on the child’s age, interests, abilities, pediatric therapy can often look and feel like we are playing. However, our OTs are always assessing and making changes to determine or challenge your child’s skills. After the initial assessment is completed, an individualized OT treatment plan is created based on the goals we are working towards for the follow-up sessions.

Follow-up Session

In a follow-up session, it involves educating parents or the client (depending on the age). As well, working on the specific skills through different interventions.

Is treatment right for my child?

If you are unsure if occupational therapy can benefit your child, our team can assess and provide therapy to help them and your family. Once our pediatric occupational therapists identify your child’s issues, we can work as a team on the underlying areas that require improvement. We do this by using proven techniques that will offer a lifelong change.

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