Hypervibe/Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration, or Hypervibe, is a safe and effective technique in pediatric physiotherapy, kinesiology, and occupational therapy. This technique involves standing or sitting on a platform that oscillates (like a see-saw motion) at high frequencies, providing sensory input that stimulates the muscles and joints throughout the body.

In physiotherapy and kinesiology, Hypervibe/whole body vibration is used to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. The platform's oscillations cause involuntary muscle contractions, resulting in increased muscle activity and strength. Additionally, the stimulation provided by the vibration platform helps children develop better balance and coordination.

In occupational therapy, Hypervibe/whole body vibration can be used to improve sensory integration, motor planning, and coordination in children. The vibration platform provides sensory input that helps children and youth regulate their bodies and increase their awareness of their movements. It also stimulates the vestibular and proprioceptive systems responsible for balance and spatial awareness.

At our pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinic, our experienced team customizes Hypervibe/whole body vibration sessions to meet each child's needs. An initial assessment with a pediatric physiotherapist, kinesiologist, or occupational therapist helps us determine each child's best course of action. Hypervibe/whole body vibration can help improve overall physical function, sensory integration, motor planning, and coordination in children. It can lead to better participation in daily activities and improved quality of life.

We take great care to ensure our pediatric clients are comfortable and safe during Hypervibe/whole body vibration sessions. Our team is dedicated to helping children achieve their goals and reach optimal health and well-being through safe and effective techniques like Hypervibe/whole body vibration.

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