On The Ball Pediatric Physio and Occupational Therapy was founded in 2016 to guide babies, children and teens to reach their full potential. Let us help your child get on the ball and reach new heights!

What On The Ball Does ...

We offer a variety of pediatric physiotherapy, pediatric occupational therapy and pediatric services ranging from traditional to innovative therapies. Every child is unique and requires specific attention, coaching, treatment and assistance to reach their full potential. We will work alongside you and your child to ensure your child’s full potential.

On The Ball Pediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy is dedicated to offering our community the highest standard of pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. As professionals, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond in caring for your child and family.


Pediatric physiotherapy for children is one way to ensure your child can feel their best and continue to develop to their full potential. Our pediatric physiotherapists are highly trained and have years of direct experience treating various pediatric issues and conditions.

Occupational Therapy

On The Ball’s occupational therapists collaborate with children to remove the barriers that affect their emotional, social and physical needs as they grow. Occupational therapy for children helps them learn how to play, improve their educational performance, and participate in the daily activities of being a child.


Pediatric kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology that focuses specifically on the movement and function of children. Our goal is to enhance both gross and fine motor skills in children while considering the impact of physical activities on their overall development.


On The Ball's social services team assists our patients in navigating their personal and social issues with counselling, advocacy support, evaluations and more.


At On The Ball, our expert care provides comprehensive treatment and support for your child. We are committed to providing our community with the best pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatment services.

& Classes

Explore the benefits of therapy-led groups and classes at On The Ball. We combine Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy approaches, fostering a distinct and enriching experience centred around classes and groups. Fun and educational activities await!

Your Child's Unique Needs

Parenting is hard, and we know you have a lot of questions. Our experienced team of pediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and registered social services workers can provide clarity and answers surrounding your child’s development with our hands-on, intuitive approach.

Groups & Classes
Occupational Therapy Groups

Our Occupational Therapy Groups at On The Ball help support children and youth in learning skills and behaviours that maximize their independence in everyday activities such as feeding, social engagement, self-regulation and more. These groups create a community setting to increase your child’s quality of life in a playful and supportive environment.

Physiotherapy Groups

Physiotherapy Groups at On The Ball help babies, children and youth with gross motor development, physical literacy, balance and coordination skills. We promote and educate about healthy lifestyles and the importance of movement in a fun and interactive way with peers.


Made up of a unique combination of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, our playgroups at On The Ball bring children together to learn gross and fine motor development activities, social skills, music and movement concepts and to support children as they reach milestones along the way.

Multidisciplinary Groups

Multidisciplinary Groups provide a unique blend of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy expertise to support babies, children, and adolescents. With a holistic approach, our low-ratio programs focus on improving overall quality of life and physical capability rather than just addressing individual symptoms.

Our Families Love Us

Trusted by hundreds of families across Ottawa since 2016.

verified reviews
Summaiya lohiya

Kristi Streigler is our Physiotherapist at On the Ball Pediatric. We have got Amazing results for my daughter’s hip and leg movements. She knows what to do, where to start. She is just the best at what she does. She explains everything very nicely and she is very confident and thorough. Front desk staff at On the Ball pediatric are very kind, polite and helpful. I 100% recommend On the Ball physiotherapy centre at Hazeldean location.

Erin Girouard

Program Director and Owner, Mommy Connections Ottawa


I have worked with Heather and Liane in a professional capacity for nearly five years within our programs. They have joined our classes to educate and support new mothers on various topics from developing infant strength and promoting gross motor development, to movement milestones, to introducing sensory play and more.

Annette Clark

I brought my daughter to On The Ball after she sustained a concussion. Jordan was very experienced and helpful in providing different therapies to help her manage her concussion symptoms. I'm grateful to have this wonderful resource in my community!

Samantha Gordon

Our OT is amazing. So calm and informed. She really engages my 9 year old son when talking to him about self regulation. Super impressed after just 2 appointments.

Tracy Vitello

Amazing physiotherapist, my daughter just loves her. We have been seeing her for a little over a few months now and she is so patient and great with kids, especially with disabilities.

Mandy Oatway

What a fantastic appointment we had with Jordan! She was extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and thorough. We went our 4 month old son and we felt exceptionally well taken care of!

Amy Champagne

I have been so impressed by our experience at On the Ball Pediatrics. From the very first phone call to schedule an appointment, I could tell that my child would be welcomed and feel comfortable here. My child has had occupational therapy with Nicole and Jordan, and physiotherapy with Liane, and it has made a significant, positive difference for my child.

Lena Turnbull

Director of Children and Family Services, Mothercraft Ottawa


Our collaboration with On the Ball began in 2016. They have been facilitating monthly workshops for our families based on their identified needs. The workshops are always at capacity and have been very well received.

Julie Blackwell

This clinic is amazing! My son was in pain and they got him in right away for treatment. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Alix Alldridge

Director of Programs, Ausome


In previous years, we have collaborated with On the Ball to provide specific physical literacy programs to many of our Ausome athletes. Projects like that of On The Ball are essential to the growth and development of young children and youth with autism. Our Ausome participants have greatly benefited from our collaborated projects with On The Ball in the past.

Michelle Barr

Amazing team, they have gone above and beyond to support my son and I would highly recommend to anyone looking at OT.

Heather Desjardins

We've had great experiences there both in-person, and now with the need for everyone to stay home, on-line as well. It's great that we can continue getting these quality services for our daughter from home with our occupational therapist face-to-face online!

Heather Spittal

Laura was so so kind and so knowledgeable. My 10 year old daughter felt very comfortable at the appointment and Laura explained everything very clearly and answered all of our questions. It was my daughter’s first experience with physiotherapy and she enjoyed learning what was happening with her arm injury and how to help it heal. I would definitely recommend Laura and On the Ball Physiotherapy to anyone.

Sara A.

Liane was extremely knowledgeable and informative. She listened to my concerns and helped explain each step and recommendation she made for my daughter. She took her time to answer questions and is also great with kids. We had an amazing experience.

Elliott and Serena Kiel

Our 6 year old son uses On the Ball services for OT and PT. He sees Heather, Amber, and Stephania. He loves everyone who works with him. I am so happy with the services, and we're seeing nice progress in our son! Heather is thorough which I really appreciate. She has been working with my son's school, and speech therapist to ensure we receive a fulsome report for my the school. I highly recommend :)

Hrayr Shnorhokian

Heather went above and beyond to make our child feel comfortable and get him to participate in the important activities that are beneficial for him.

Rhiannon D.

The team at On the Ball is absolutely fantastic! Amelie is spectacular - patient, knowledgeable and extremely welcoming. Five stars do not do her or the practice justice - they are beyond exceptional :D

Shannon McCormick

My daughter has been doing OT at On the Ball for over 2 years and it's incredible the difference its made in so many ways not only in the skills she had learned but also in helping me understand her needs and be a better parent. Our OT has helped immensely with sensory integration, social skills, advocating for her needs at school and helping find additional resources in the community. You can easily tell that everyone working at the clinic truly cares. This place is special!

Erica Reed

I would HIGHLY recommend Jordan to anyone!! She has helped my son SO much with his gross motor delays. He’s almost exactly where he should be for his age after all of Jordan’s help! The girls at the front desk are also SO kind and very helpful.

Rachelle Davidson

Kristi Striegler is fabulous with my two kiddos. She's knowledgeable, personable and clear. The kids are able to follow through on their exercises at home and look forward to working with her in the gym. I am grateful that they will be strong and avoid future injuries!

Melanie Brosseau

Liane and her physiotherapy team are the best! They explain everything regarding your child's needs, gladly answer all questions and provide excellent service. They truly care about your child's success.

Rebecca Stewart

This is our third session with Myriam, and we are so glad that we found her. We've learned more from her in one session than we have learned in several from non-private OT. She has been very knowledgeable and informative, and our son is responding very well to her and her strategies.

Joanne Mason

I am so very thankful for On The Ball! We met with Liane this week and she immediately knew what we had to do to help our daughter with the issues she is having walking. She noted nuances that may not be obvious to the untrained eye and offered some solutions that we can now focus on. Thanks again, Heather for the info and follow up with Liane! Your team have been amazing! 🤗

Kim Hanekom

You will not be disappointed bringing your child here for care. They are knowledgeable, compassionate, and are so genuine. They are very good with my 12 year old son that he likes going to see them and does not want to stop treatment. He sees Liane for physiotherapy and Dayna for occupational therapy and they both are super friendly and wonderful. I feel very welcomed when I walk in for our appointment by the ladies at the front. No matter how busy they are I am never ignored and if my day has been rough, they always take the time to listen to my woes.

Stephanie Houle

On The Ball are amazing! The support they have given us is second to none. The patience Melissa has with my son is incredible. He's made incredible progress. I can't recommend them enough.

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