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On the Ball Pediatric was founded with a passion for guiding babies, children and teens to reach their full potential. Read more about our services and how we can help your child!

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What On The Ball Does ...

We offer a variety of pediatric physiotherapy, pediatric occupational therapy, and pediatric services ranging from traditional to innovative therapies. Every child is unique and requires specific attention, coaching, and assistance to reach their full potential. We will work alongside you and your child to ensure your child’s health and wellness.

On the Ball is dedicated to offering the highest standard of pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for our community. As professionals, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond in our care of your child and family.


Our pediatric physiotherapists are highly trained and have years of direct experience treating a wide range of pediatric issues and conditions.


On the Ball’s pediatric occupational therapists collaborate with children to aid them with physical and emotional challenges.


Our registered holistic nutritionist specializes in pediatric nutrition and understands the unique nutritional needs of children.


Our Intensive Programs are unique, multi-day programs created and designed to foster rapid integration, as well as improve the overall success of your child’s individualized goals.

* Services marked with an asterisk are available via teletherapy

Children Have Unique Needs

Parenting is hard and we know you have a lot of questions. Our experienced pediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and holistic nutritionists can provide clarity surrounding your child’s development with our hands-on, intuitive approach.

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Trusted by hundreds of families across Ottawa since 2016.

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