Social Work Services

At On The Ball, we provide social work services to support children, youth, parenting, families and adults. Our Social Workers provide integrated, holistic services including, but not limited to, individual, group and family therapy, systems navigation and psycho-education. Social workers recognize the importance of relationships and of people working together to support a child and/or family.

Social workers work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team at On The Ball (including Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists) as well as with other professionals in the community to best support you and/or your child.

Here are some signs that you and/or your child could benefit from a Social Worker:

How we help
Wellness & Mental Health

Your child may be struggling with feeling and expressing intense emotions, experiencing distress and/or emotion dysregulation.


Your child may be struggling with attending school or demonstrating their abilities at school. 


Your child may be struggling to communicate effectively and/or build or maintain friendships.

Our Social Work Services

Adult Therapy

Social workers at On The Ball offer individual therapy to adults for a variety of reasons.

Groups Therapy

Coming soon - groups for children and parents/caregivers!

Individual Therapy with Children and Youth

Our social workers create a warm and comfortable environment for children and youth to explore their strengths and interests and also their struggles and challenges.

Parent / Caregiver Support

At On The Ball, we recognize the importance of supporting the entire family system.

Supervision and Consultation

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