Social Services

At On The Ball, we provide social services to support families. Our Social Services Workers can help navigate funding, provide advocacy and education about available resources, and assess and support life and social skills. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and individualized care to help families and children reach their full potential.

Our Social Services Workers provide services to support families, children and youth, including funding, advocacy and education. They can also assess and provide support for life and social skills and offer emotional support and guidance to help families cope with challenges.

Here are some signs your child could benefit from a social services worker:

How we help

Your child is struggling with communication or relationship-building skills.


Your child is struggling with academic performance or attendance at school.


Your family is facing financial challenges or difficulty accessing resources and services.

Our Social Services

Evaluation of Services

A social services worker can assist in evaluating the needs and goals of children and families and identify services that could benefit them.

Family Support & Advocacy

A social service worker provides crucial family support and advocacy services to families with children in need.

Life Skills Assessments & Support

A social service worker can help children develop essential life skills by assessing their current abilities in personal care, financial management, household tasks, and job readiness.

School Advocating Support

A social service worker can assist with school advocacy by collaborating with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure that children with special needs receive appropriate educational support and accommodations.

Social Skills Therapy Services

The social worker team works with children individually or in groups, providing support for communication, self-esteem, problem-solving, and emotional regulation.

Support Team Advocacy and Organization

A social service worker can be a valuable coordinator and collaborator for a child's support team.

Support in Service Funding

Our pediatric social service worker is here to help families navigate complex funding systems and provide support in securing service funding.

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