Groups & Classes

At On The Ball, our team provides child group therapy and classes so children and youth can learn skills and behaviours that maximize their independence in a social setting.

Our team of therapists help children live their best life on a daily basis. We work to increase children's quality of life using a playful and supportive approach that fosters positive social interaction, self-image, confidence and healthy peer relationships.

Occupational Therapy Groups

Occupational Therapy Groups at On The Ball help children and youth learn skills and behaviours that maximize their independence. Our team of therapists help children live their best life, daily. We work to increase children’s quality of life using a playful and supportive approach that fosters positive self-image, confidence, and healthy relationships with peers.

Occupational therapy groups support:
  • Everyday activities like feeding, personal hygiene and care, and getting ready to leave the house.
  • Play and social engagement through appropriate communication, making connections and cultivating positive friendships.
  • Home, daycare, school, and community participation through developing skills such as handwriting, self-regulation, confidence, and independence
  • Mental Health, by supporting children to learn about their true selves, building their self-esteem, and teaching them tools to overcome challenges.

Physiotherapy Groups

Physiotherapy groups at On The Ball can help babies, children and youth with gross motor development, physical literacy, balance and coordination skills. Our team of physiotherapists is passionate about helping our clients achieve their physical and functional goals in a supportive environment. On The Ball physiotherapists and occupational therapists promote and educate about healthy lifestyles and the importance of movement in a fun and interactive way with peers.

Physiotherapy groups support:
  • Strengthening their gross motor skills and development.
  • Improving balance and confidence in their skills.
  • Helping to prevent injury or future weaknesses.
  • Sustaining coordination and strength abilities.


Playgroups at On The Ball offer a unique combination of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy tools and tricks with a big dose of FUN! These low-ratio programs are created in collaboration with our team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and Early Childhood Educators. Each group or class brings participants together to learn gross and fine motor development activities, social skills, music and movement concepts and to support children and their bodies as they reach milestones along the way. 

Playgroups support:
  • Learning new ways to incorporate play into everyday life.
  • Building friendships.
  • Communication and language development.
  • Opportunities to connect with your child.

Multidisciplinary Groups

Multidisciplinary groups at On The Ball offer a unique combination of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy expertise to support babies, children, and adolescents through a holistic, whole-child view of their needs. These low-ratio programs aim to improve our clients’ individual quality of life and physical capability, as opposed to addressing a single symptom. Each group brings participants together to help build a strong network of education, support, and care for families/caregivers to meet children’s long-term needs.

Multidisciplinary groups support:
  • Clients looking to identify personal goals and receive targeted support to achieve them from both a physiotherapy and occupational therapy approach, in unison.
  • As much independence as possible, through creating and implementing the strategies, tools and treatments children need to improve their overall quality of life.
  • Children with physical and/or neurological conditions, injuries, or impairments to recover and/or develop new skills to help them in their daily lives.
  • Sensory processing needs, emotional regulation challenges, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, strength, coordination, balance, movement for healthy growth and development and much more!

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