Kids Life Coach

On The Ball proudly offers Kids Life Coaching, a program that transforms lives by harnessing the power of coaching to improve healthy lifestyle behaviours. Coaching, often described as the key to unlocking one's potential for maximizing personal performance, is at the heart of the program's purpose.

What is Kids Life Coaching?

This life coaching program is tailored for children and their parents. Our services are flexible, provided both individually and in group settings, as each child's unique features and family context are considered in designing their individualized coaching program. Whether in person or virtual, our services operate on three distinct levels, addressing children's needs and priorities:

  • LEVEL 1: PREVENTATIVE - Nurturing children's emotional, physical, social, and mental well-being.
  • LEVEL 2: BEHAVIOURAL - Tackling issues such as bullying, assertiveness, and anger management.
  • LEVEL 3: PSYCHOLOGICAL - Addressing challenges like anxiety, trauma, and attachment issues.

At On The Ball, we equip children with essential tools and ingredients to rewrite their life story, empowering them to play the role of a victor rather than a victim.

Who can benefit from our coaching sessions?

All children aged 6+ years can participate in our program. We customize our program based on each age group, ensuring a personalized and effective coaching experience.

Our Comprehensive Coaching Package Includes:

  • Two pre and post-assessments 
  • Four weekly coaching sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Eight biweekly/monthly coaching sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Four 10-minute school contacts (if applicable)
  • One tailor-made program design
  • Two family consultations (1 hour each)
  • 12 phone/e-mail/face-to-face parent feedback sessions (10 minutes each)
  • One motivational kit bag
  • One home-based program with audio

Our Vision and Mission

  • To be a kids change maker by providing outstanding, evidence-based, and practical programs to children and their families.
  • To empower children to be the leader of their own life.
  • To empower children to make the world a better place to live.

Embark on this transformative journey, where every child has the opportunity to thrive and become a leader in their own life.

Samaneh Alimohammad is a Certified Play Based Coach.

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