Primitive Reflex Integration

Primitive reflex integration is an important technique used in pediatric occupational therapy and physiotherapy to address the presence of primitive reflexes in children that should have been integrated during early child development. Primitive reflexes are automatic movements present in infants and should be integrated by the time the child reaches a certain age. These reflexes can interfere with the child's ability to develop more advanced motor skills if these reflexes are not integrated.

Our clinic's skilled occupational therapists and physiotherapists are trained to evaluate a child's motor development and determine if primitive reflex integration is an appropriate technique for their treatment plan. Suppose the therapist determines that primitive reflex integration is necessary. In that case, they work with the child to perform a series of movements and exercises that are designed to integrate the primitive reflexes.

By integrating these primitive reflexes, we can help improve a child's motor coordination, balance, and sensory processing. Ultimately, this leads to better participation in daily activities and improved quality of life. Our therapists understand that each child is unique and requires an individualized approach, so we customize our therapy programs to meet each child's specific needs. We strive to make therapy fun and engaging for children so they can enjoy the process and achieve optimal results.

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