Post Concussion Rehabilitation

On The Ball offers a specialized program called post-concussion rehabilitation services that is tailored to help children recover from the effects of a concussion. The program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the child's symptoms and medical history, which is then used to develop a personalized treatment plan. The treatment plan may include exercises designed to improve balance, coordination, strength, and activities to help the child gradually return to school and other daily activities.

The child's progress is monitored throughout the program, and the treatment plan is adjusted to ensure optimal recovery. Post-concussion rehabilitation services aim to help the child regain their pre-injury level of functioning while preventing long-term complications such as post-concussion syndrome.

At On The Ball, our pediatric physiotherapists work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and neuropsychologists, to provide comprehensive care for the child. The length of the post-concussion rehabilitation services programs may vary based on the severity of the concussion and the child's unique needs. Our team is dedicated to helping children recover fully and return to normal activities as soon as possible.

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