Tension Motion Release (TMR) Tots & Teens

Tension Motion Release (TMR) Tots & Teens is a specialized technique used in pediatric physiotherapy to enhance movement and function in children with neuromuscular conditions. This innovative technique is designed to be both enjoyable and effective for children, using a series of gentle stretches and movements performed in a specific sequence to improve the range of motion and release tension.

The initial step in this technique involves a comprehensive assessment conducted by a pediatric physiotherapist who evaluates the child's movement patterns to determine if TMR Tots & Teens is suitable for their treatment plan. If deemed appropriate, the therapist will work with the child, incorporating games and activities to make the process engaging and motivating.

TMR Tots & Teens can significantly improve the movement and function of children with neuromuscular conditions, leading to enhanced participation in daily activities and an overall improved quality of life. The technique is customized to meet each child's specific needs, making it a highly effective approach for pediatric physiotherapy.

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