Balance & Coordination

Every house has a foundation. If the foundation is weak or unstable, the walls will have a difficult time remaining upright, will crack and eventually crumble to the ground. The same applies for your body. The inner core (we call it the anticipatory core, because it stabilizes you before you even move!) comprises four groups of muscles, the transverse abdominis, the pelvic floor, the multifidus and the diaphragm (look them up- they are deepest of your muscles!). The inner core acts as the foundation of your house, hence, if this foundation is weak you will have difficulty performing simple tasks such as posture, balance, coordination and more.

What are signs your child may have a weak inner core?

  • Difficulty sitting still for a period of time, falls off chair for no apparent reason
  • Breath holding during physical activities
  • Difficulty writing
  • Difficulty tracking the words when reading (ex, skipping words) 
  • Poor balance and coordination 
  • Difficulty catching a ball
  • Back pain 
  • Poor posture when sitting and/or standing
  • Constipation
  • Leakage and/or bedwetting

This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact our clinic for more information. 

In a nutshell

How can we help your child?

  • Assessment of biomechanics and applications of alignment solutions using a whole body approach.
  • Developing an exercise program specific to your child’s needs including stretches and strengthening exercises. 
  • Educating families to empower them with tools they use at home and approach issues with confidence. 
  • Utilizing core strengthening equipment, such as, the climbing wall, therapeutic swings, balance discs and more. 
  • TMR