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Join us in the 20th century with teletherapy! Teletherapy allows our patients to maintain progress and continue their care plans during times when in-person sessions may not be available.

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Teletherapy is the use of technology to deliver therapy services, including assessment and treatment, from a distance. 2020 taught us that teletherapy is a super tool that cannot be ignored! When you visit our facility, we don’t always get to see how your family functions at its most intimate times such as meals, preparing for bed, or even relaxation time. Teletherapy allows our therapists to see first-hand how our patients are learning in their own space while maintaining a distance. On the Ball offers virtual occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and yoga classes!  


This form of hands-off therapy has seen great benefits in children who enjoy:

  • Screen time or FaceTime
  • Interacting and talking with different people
  • Physical activity

Our therapists have experience and tools to engage and keep your child’s attention during virtual sessions. If you’re unsure if teletherapy is a good option for your child, take a look at what our team has experience in treating with teletherapy sessions:

  • ADHD
  • Emotional regulation
  • Challenges with independence, either emotional, physical, or fine motor tasks
  • Teach and progress individualized exercise programs
  • Coach your child through his/her exercise program
  • Assess ROM and biomechanics
  • Screen for Gross motor delay for babies and toddlers
  • Screen for Torticollis and plagiocephaly and give recommendations based on findings
  • Demonstrating and coach parents on certain massage techniques
  • Demonstrating stretches and coach parents and child as they practice at home
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Virtual Yoga Classes

Our virtual yoga classes allow for your child to remain active in a low-intensity way that they can grow and develop with. Virtual yoga classes also allow for your child to gain confidence in their skills while in a familiar and safe setting!

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Virtual Physiotherapy

Just like doing your at-home exercises, maintaining physical progress from physiotherapy is essential to getting the most out of your physiotherapy appointments. On The Ball's virtual physiotherapy services allow our patients and their families to connect with our physiotherapists in the privacy and safety of their own home. You can expect to receive the same quality of care that you would receive at an in-person session.

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Virtual Occupational Therapy

On the Ball's virtual occupational therapy is a great way for occupational therapists to provide services to those in need, especially when in-person services are unavailable. By offering virtual occupational therapy, our team is able to deliver on-demand care in a comfortable setting, such as your home. Virtual therapy also allows for families with busy schedules to easily find a time that works for them as well as allowing for better access to those who cannot always travel to our clinics.

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