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Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric occupational therapists can help to remove the barriers that affect your child’s emotional, social and physical needs as they grow.

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What exactly is pediatric occupational therapy? Occupational therapy is a healthcare approach that helps those who have physical, sensory, emotional, or cognitive challenges gain independence in their daily lives. Occupational therapy for children helps them learn how to play, improve their educational performance, and participate in the daily activities of being a child.  

Some examples of everyday activities that a pediatric occupational therapist can help with are:

  • Self-care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding
  • Productivity, such as focus with schoolwork and participating in group activities, social functions, and team sports
  • Leisure, such as developing playskills, and hobbies

Occupational therapy for children can address many psychological, social and environmental factors that may be affecting your child’s ability to function or develop. Our pediatric occupational therapists can evaluate your child’s abilities, whether it be colouring or the ability to self-feed and determine when and if they are having difficulty. Our team also evaluates the environment, sensory processing, muscle functions, coordination and other areas that may affect your child’s functioning at home, school, or in the community.

Pediatric occupational therapists are also great advocates if your child requires special equipment or learning assistance or devices, such as computer software or an adapted ergonomic environment.

If you are unsure if occupational therapy can benefit your child, our team can assess and provide therapy to help them and your family. Once our pediatric occupational therapists identify your child’s issues, we can work as a team on the underlying areas that require improvement. We do this by using proven techniques that will offer a lifelong change.

Our occupational therapists can also assist with:

  • Anxiety
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Learning disabilities
  • Sleeping challenges
  • Learning to play
  • Sensory challenges
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