Samaneh Alimohammad
Occupational Therapy


Bachelor and Master in Occupational Therapy

Kid's life coach Certificate


Samaneh completed her bachelor's in 2011 and master's in 2014 in occupational therapy from a high-ranking university in Iran and speaks Persian and English.  She has obtained the Kid's life coach certificate from the Kid’s life studio as well. This incredible course enabled her to understand how to support children to be a leader of their own life.  

Interacting and working with children always brings her joy and a sense of playfulness. They inspire her to be creative and encourage her to cultivate her imagination. She volunteered at “Ausome Ottawa”, where she had the opportunity to provide a supportive environment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to thrive and engage.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and spending time in nature, appreciating its calming and peaceful effects. She loves meditation and taking care of her plants. These moments help her to nurture mindfulness and enable her to approach her work with a more focused mindset.

Fun Facts About me

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