Oculomotor Dysfunction

Our eyes act as cameras for our body. When the muscles around our eyes aren’t well coordinated, it becomes very difficult for the child to perform many tasks. It can be caused by developmental delays, trauma, disease, etc. 

What are signs to look for? 

  • Difficulty tracking objects 
  • Difficulty reading 
  • Difficulty maintaining balance (ex: standing on one foot, walking on a beam, etc.). 
  • Difficulty assessing the depth of an object. 
  • Falling or tripping when walking. 
  • Difficulty maintaining proper head posture when reading (ex: moving their head to follow the words).
  • Headaches 
  • Difficulty with concentration 
  • Motion sickness

In a nutshell

How can we help your child?

  • Assessment of biomechanics and applications of alignment solutions using a whole body approach. 
  • Developing an exercise program specific to your child’s needs including stretches and strengthening exercises. 
  • Educating families to empower them with tools they can use at home and allow them to approach issues with confidence
  • Oculomotor rehabilitation 
  • Bal-a-ViS-X treatment