Occupational Therapy

Neurodivergent (ADHD, ADD, ASD)

Being neurodivergent is defined as having a brain that functions in a different way from ‘neurotypical’ brains. In a more simple terms, your child's brain thinks and learns, and your child may also act differently than others or society expects them to. At On The Ball Pediatrics, we create individualized care plans with you and your child while supporting your child’s strengths, unique abilities, and authenticity.

What are signs your child could benefit from an occupational therapist?

  • Your child is extremely sensitive to sensory experiences, (i.e., could be sound, light, clothing, food preferences). 
  • Your child seeks sensory experiences more than others around them (movement, chewing on things, touching everything)
  • Having difficulty with social skills and social expectations 
  • Your child has different sensory needs or processing than other children
  • You are unsure how to best meet your child’s sensory needs for them to succeed in a ‘neurotypical world’
  • Difficulty regulating in varied environments without supports

In a nutshell

Here are a few ways an occupational therapist can help:

  • Help use their strengths to complete a challenging or novel task
  • Provide environmental modification or accommodations at home/school
  • Identify sensory tools to help with emotional regulation
  • Teach self-advocacy
  • Provide strategies to communicate effectively with my child when they have different sensory processing than what I’m used to
  • Use of visual supports to assist with processing language, initiation, seeing steps of process, difficulty changing routines once formed
  • Help interpret challenging behaviors