Occupational Therapy

Delayed Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are what allow children to make small or fine movements with the smallest muscles of their body (e.g., fingers, toes, tongue, lips). In particular, for our hands, we require these skills to help with holding a pencil, zipping up our jacket, tying shoelaces, printing, or playing with smaller toys such as Legos. Hands are the “tools” most often used to accomplish work and play and to perform activities of daily living. Our occupational therapists can help assess what the underlying challenges may be and they provide exercises and games to strengthen the muscles, develop coordination and promote independence with fine tasks.

We can help your child improve on:

  • Holding a pencil, crayon, marker or paint brush
  • Printing their name or letters
  • Hand strengthening
  • Using scissors
  • Playing with toys
  • Opening containers
  • Using utensils

In a nutshell

Here are a few ways an occupational therapist can help:

  • Assess your child's overall motor skills
  • Hand strengthening exercises
  • Fine motor skills activities
  • Adaptive equipment