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Purrble Companion

The Purrble companion helps people find calm in the moment and build resilience over time. The Purrble companion has a dynamic heartbeat that shows emotion and seven sensors that respond to touch and fidgeting. As people calm their friend, they learn how to calm themselves.

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Gives parents & kids a break

When your kids are stressed, so are you. Users claim that the Purrble tool helps transform battles and tantrums into moments of calm for the whole family. Hand the Purrble companion to your child when they are on the brink of a meltdown, struggling with daily transitions, or just experiencing a tough time.

The Purrble companion may be used for:

  • Bedtime routine
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Brain breaks for parents
  • Mealtimes
  • Homework stress
  • Tantrums & meltdowns
  • Travelling
  • Transitions from one activity to another

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