Annabelle Phillion
Occupational Therapist


  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
  • Master of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy, University of Ottawa
  • Rhythmic Movement Training Level 1: Attention, Organization and Comprehension – RMTi
  • Rhythmic Movement Training Level 2: Emotions, Memory and Behaviour – RMTi 
  • Foundational SSP Training (Safe and Sound Protocol), Unyte-iLs
  • Feed the Peds: Foundations of Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing, Feed the Peds
  • Comment sécuriser l’enfant stressé et le sécuriser tout en restant zen ! – Neuro Gym Tonik


After working as an occupational therapist in adult mental health, helping clients suffering from depression, anxiety or trauma return to their meaningful activities, Annabelle decided to follow her passion and work in a pediatric setting. 

Annabelle mainly focuses on helping infants, toddlers and preschoolers. She has experience addressing challenges associated with feeding, sleep, toileting, sensory processing, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills and pre-writing skills. She strongly believes in the power of early intervention, and works hard to detect and address challenges as soon as possible, to create long-term benefits. 

Annabelle offers a family-based approach, and helps the child and their parents work together to reach their goals. She is passionate about empowering families to support their children’s development, advocate for their needs and feel confident in their parenting journey.

Annabelle is dedicated to continuously learning about new approaches and strategies, in order to provide true individualized care.

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