Annabelle Phillion
Occupational Therapist


  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
  • Master of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy, University of Ottawa


After her undergraduate degree, she worked in student services at the University of Ottawa for 2 years before going back to school to complete her Masters in Occupational Therapy. During her placements, she gained experience working in mental health with parents of children with special needs and other various populations. Since graduating, she has worked in adult mental health and pediatrics in a private setting.  


On a personal side, she grew up around many kids with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities (ID), which helped her understand the reality of many families. It opened her eyes to their challenges, but also to the potential of children with ID and to the beauty that they bring to our world. In high school, she coached martial arts to young children and worked in summer camps, which she loved.


As an occupational therapist, she is passionate, creative, and dedicated to helping children and their families. She offers an individualized client-based approach and tries to create opportunities for her clients to reach their full potential.

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