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Lycra Tunnel

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Hand sewn 4 way stretch compression tunnels provide a full body sensory experience. Be it crawling through like a tiger, wiggling like a snake or stretching like you're in a cocoon these tunnels are a hit with any children. Used typically in physio centers these tunnels are becoming popular as an at home calming technique. The gentle resistance of the fabric allows children to feel encased in a full body hug on their own terms. It promotes full body awareness while providing a sensory sensation that calms down the nervous system.

Use the two handles and pull ropes to secure your tunnel to door handles, chair legs or hold them together to create a tunnel opening. Easy to use in any environment, serged and glued for extra strength and machine washable for convenience!

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  • Helps children to feel secure and confident in their bodies
  • Provides a full body sensory experience similar to a hug
  • Great for calming down active or hyperactive children in a home setting
  • Easily attaches to chairs, door handles or any other accessible point
  • Provides an opportunity to work on motor planning and core strength
  • Develops motor coordination skills and planning function
  • Fantastic exercise and calming tool for any child

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