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Bandeau Compression Bodysuit

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The custom bandeau features a base compression layer with a velcro attachment for the bandeau itself. The bandeau is measured to the individual's body size and velcros right onto the base compression layer for easy and quick removal. The bandeau contains rigid plastic and velcro stretch, attaching to the back panel of the individual's base layer, it is then wrapped and snapped around the individual's core to provide compression comfort in a multitude of strengths at your own convenience.

Needing more core support? Simply tighten to the next level of snaps. The bandeau uses these teachings to provide essential feedback from missing sensory input leading to increased attention span and calmer nerve functions utilizing more breathable and attractive properties of knits.

Hand made by a mom for children's best interest. “I want kids to be kids and get the support they need.” (Virginia Dubois RSSW) Base layers come in a multitude of styles, colors and designs allowing children to get messy and have extras ready to go. The stretch and design of the bandeau allows for physical movement while providing a scaled compression; low throughout the torso and manually higher on core muscles. Bases are machine washable for parental convenience and the breathable stretch fabric allows for a more regulated body temperature, enhancing muscle stimulation while decreasing muscle soreness.

This item comes with a full PDF for insurance claims if requested by client and reviewed by OT/PT. Please email Virginia at if you have any questions or would like to request seasonal colors.

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